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Tasca Navarre/Tapas Bar and Restaurant

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About the Name


Tasca Hopping ...One of the easiest ways to tap into the Spanish food scene is to go tasca-hopping. Tascas, identified by the word taberna on the facade, are pubs that serve those tantalizing hot and cold nibbles, tapas, which are also offered family-style as starters before other meals. They include an array of olives, sausages, serrano ham, potato omelet called tortilla, smoked fish, cheese and more.


Navarre is a province or region of Southern France and Northern Spain. Our menu utilizes both the French and Spanish styles of cooking, ingredients and presentation. The Pacillo peppers are a unique, traditional specialty of Lodosa, a village in Navarra, which has only become available commercially in the last 25 years.

Navarre province forms the autonomous region of Navarra. The beautiful mountain slopes have extensive cattle pastures and vast forests that yield hardwoods, which are economically important. The fertile valleys produce sugar beets, cereals, and vegetables; vineyards are important in the Ebro Valley. Hydroelectric energy and entrepreneurship have resulted in considerable industrialization since the 1950s.

Navarre, made the region strategically important early in its history. The Basques defended themselves successfully against the Moorish invaders as well as against the Franks; the domination of Charlemagne, who conquered Navarre in 778, was short-lived. In 824 the Basque chieftain Iņigo Aritza was chosen king of Pamplona, which was expanded under his successors and became known as the kingdom of Navarre. It reached its zenith under Sancho III (reigned 1000–1035), who married the heiress of Castile and ruled over nearly all of Christian Spain.

Navarre Province


Tasca Navarre
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